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For most website owners, having a bespoke web design is essential if they are to retain complete control over how the site looks, functions and grows. Standing out from the crowd in an increasingly crowded marketplace is vital, and having a tailored web presence will preserve your brand identity, while letting you refine every aspect of your website.

Fully understanding your aims and objectives is vital if we are to create a website that really delivers results.  By working closely with each client, the process I follow for each new brief is detailed below.


The briefing is a reciprocal process, which would allow us to identify exactly what your requirements are, evaluate and outline the project detail. We will discuss styling, functionality, target audience, objectives, costs – basically all the ingredients needed to create a successful website. You may have a clear style and structure in mind or just know that you want a website without any idea of what form it should take. By the end of the briefing session, we should both have a clear idea of the direction of the project with an agreed route to proceed.


The briefing stage should give me a good feel for the type of design to go for. I usually create one main design that I feel works best, with a few colour / style variations to contrast. If you feel we are on the right path, we would proceed during the period of consultation so we can refine the design until you are happy. If you feel the initial design is not on the right path, we would go through a further briefing stage to clarify your design expectations.


The build, as it suggests, is where the site is actually coded and all elements added.  I would develop the site on my testing server so you can view a live working example at all stages of the build.  This helps identify any issues at an early stage, and ensures the final version is exactly how you want it before the site goes live.


Testing is carried throughout the build process to ensure cross-browser compatibility & functionality is working how we want it to.  If you a require a responsive design, the testing time required is naturally longer, but essential to make sure your website works on all devices.


Once you have signed off the finished site, I would migrate this to your hosting company, update DNS if required and your site will be live. If you don’t have hosting in place, I can you assist you with this.

Post-delivery services

Getting your site live is just the beginning, and now the fun part starts as you grow your website.  I offer a range of services to help you do this, from maintenance plans to social media support.  We would probably have identified many of these during the briefing process, although we would discuss this further once the site is live depending on your needs.



A couple of examples of our bespoke web design…

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